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series of 100 photographs, variable prints
video stopmotion, sound, dimension variable, projection on white wall, 16:40, 2019

This work has been produced during a residency at the National Center for Contemporary Arts in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2019.

“Like a fanatic who swallows the desert, I require from music the desert. The desert of colors. The desert of words.” said Malevich. Presented as a mental map, “Desert” is made from photographs of rectangles painted on building walls, known as “buffs” in Russia. Their primary function is to hide undesirable words.

The images scroll to the rhythm of a tick-tock recorded in St. Petersburg, where they were also taken. During the Second World War, the streets were wired with loudspeakers to warn citizens of bombings. Between attacks, time was materialized by the ticking of the metronome, intended to appease the popu-lation. Today, this sound is regularly broadcast for a short period of time to test the loudspeakers.

Installation views :
– “Askese der Schatten”, solo show at galerie Weisser Elefant, Berlin 2020
– video
presentation at NCCA St Petersburg with local sound artist Ilia Belorukov (saxophonist) 2019.