Category: work


  Masterpiece (excerpt), video, 1´53´´, 2017 Video projected in 1/1 scale A selection of masterpieces from Modern Art presented in chronological order.   Exhibition´s view: Tête project space,…


slide show, 20 photographs b&w, 1´52´´, 2017 soundtrack by Chris Dreier & Gary Farelly The focus is on isolated architecture elements that belong to modernist and post-modernist constructions….


  Grater city, sculpture, grater, porous concrete block, circa 1,1 x 0,6 x 0,7 m, 2017 Grater, sound performance, 2017 Porous concrete is a standard construction material that…


Unit, series of 10 photographs, dimension & material variable, 2017   Exhibition´s views: Jeune Création 67ème édition, Galerie Thaddeus Ropac , Paris, 2017 Goldrausch 2017, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

empty room

EMPTY ROOM  –  performative videos Workspace sound, loop, 2015 Angle sound, loop, 2016 Sounds hollow sound, loop, 2016 Work inspired by the action of knocking on a simple…

drop shadow

Drop Shadow series of 15 photographs b&w, c-print on alu dibond + plexi mat, 45cm high, 2015 Reminding the “Drop shadows” used in technical drawing that are darker…


    ROOM m3 (excerpt), video, sound, 1´34´´, 2015 ROOM m2 (excerpt), video, sound, 8´29´´, 2015 Through two protocols that use the body as a measuring instrument (walking along…

courtesy visit

  Courtesy visit Performance – studio visit on the 20th June 2015, 2PM Franz-Jürgens-str. 12, Haus 10, 407474 Düsseldorf Playing a real estate agent I organised a guided…


Silence 26 digital photographs, C-Print on alu dibond and plexi mat, 45 cm high 2014   Exhibition´s view : Blind spot solo show Epicentro Artspace Berlin 2015

bouncing door

Bouncing Door metal spring, door, 93 x 140 x 220 cm, 2015     Exhibition´s view : Blank with Yooree Yang curated by Gauthier Lesturgie NON Berlin Asia…

found footage

  Found Footage dimension & material variable 2014   Exhibition´s view : Blind spot solo show Epicentro Artspace Berlin 12.12.14 – 14.01.15


  Tennis sound, 1´45´´, 2015   Exhibition´s view: INORDINATE with romain Ruiz-Pacouret Galerie am Ecke, Düsseldorf, 2015

home for sale

Home for sale, 8 pieces, 2,5 x 4 cm each, 2013 Series of collage Micro-pictures from property advertisings, whose doors and windows are taking out.   Exhibition´s view…