P R I N T / P U B L I C A T I O N

book-object “Architecture is Frozen Music”, edition II 2022
coedited with einBuch.haus gallery and the Naima Editions

Nominated for the Prix Révélation ADAGP 2022, Paris
Purchased by the HMOKA Museum collection, Seoul KR
and the
Qatar Foundation, VCUQ library, Doha (QA)

brochure-libretto “Rhythms of Living”, 2022
a walk-in-opera project with sound artist Felipe Vaz
funded by Draussenstadt / grafic design by maycec

first monography “Architecture is frozen music”, 2021
at Naima Editions (Berlin/Paris).
Grafic design by maycec

brochure-map “Architecture is frozen music” (Japan), 2019
founded by Kulturamt Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf
Grafic design by maycec

catalog-object UNIT
produced during the Goldrausch program, 2017
Grafic design by maycec