Ma is a Japanese spatial concept, which increases the awareness of the gap, interval, space, pause or blank between things. The Ma is a way of experiencing the “in between” in the physical and the abstract. In art it’s called the negative space, surrounding an object in an image or in a space.

With this photos series, I attempt to visualize this concept. I collected images of empty rooms where I captured the distance of the diagonals. These distances are very helpful to the architect to determine if a room is an exact rectangle or not. I followed this protocol:
– Stand in a corner of a room, back against the wall.
– With the camera photograph the opposite corner, try to get the most symmetrically composition.
– With a laser telemeter measure the distance between the camera sensor Φ and the opposite corner.
– Present these two elements as a dialogue in one final image.

This work, realized in 2016, is an attempt to show a specific perception of distance in a sculptural dimension.