Silence is an in progress photo series which I began in 2008. This work is about collecting images of closed openings discovered in public spaces. Here I ́m interested in a kind of blank that inhabits them. With different mediums (photography, moving image, sculpture) staging the lack, the absence or the silence, I attempt to make this emptiness perceptible.

Using elevation views commonly employed in the field of architecture, I try to flatten the perspective ́s effect and annihilate the 3D in an attempt to create a plane illusion, the 2D. I ́m using a strict protocol to reach the most minimal form possible and thusly to have less post-production work. My intention is to erase any time and space indications, a way of achieving a decontextualisation. Sometimes the horizon line is the only element that is a scale benchmark.

With this important series of photographs (more than 100 images), I ́m highlighting a mute architecture that reflects a vision without perspective, turned on itself.


Exhibition´s view :
Blind spot solo show
Epicentro Artspace Berlin