IN OUT Festival, Laznia Center for Contemporary Art, Gdansk PL, 2022


“Bautoleranz”, B-Part Raum für aktuelle Kunst, Berlin, 2021
© Andreas Schimanski

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stop-motion video, b&w, mute, 06:21, 2021

In architecture, drawing a line is equivalent to representing a wall in plan, i.e. in top view. From then on, this element divides the space and imposes a duality. By adding to this simple line other lines, I make appear forms which take again among others the codes of representation in architecture such as sight in profile, sight in plan, perspective etc. This practice of drawing refers to my studies at the School of Architecture in Toulouse in the early 2000s, a time when hand-drawing was still an indispensable form of expression in the profession, now almost replaced by digital drawing.